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Information about the format: TIF

Format TIF
Company Tagged Image File Format
Description TIFF is a flexible image format that normally saves 8 or 16 bits per color (red, green and blue) for a total of 24 or 48 bits. TIFFs flexibility is both a feature and a curse, with no single reader capable of handling all the different varieties of TIFF files. TIFF can be lossy or lossless. Some types of TIFF files offer relatively good lossless compression for bi-level (black and white, no grey) images. Some high-end digital cameras have the option to save images in the TIFF format, using the LZW compression algorithm for lossless storage. The TIFF image format is not widely supported by web browsers TIFF is still widely accepted as a photograph file standard in the printing industry TIFF is capable of handling device-specific color spaces, such as the CMYK defined by a particular set of printing press inks.
Benefits Most often used for lossless capability with LZW compression
Drawbacks Large files
Metadata Handles XMP, EXIF or IPTC

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