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Information about the format: JPG

Format JPG
Company Joint Photographic Experts Group
Description Nearly all digital cameras have the option to save images in JPEG format. The JPEG format supports 8 bits per color (red, green, and blue) and produces relatively small file sizes. The compression when not too severe does not detract noticeably from the image. But JPEG files can suffer generational degradation when repeatedly edited and saved. Photographic images may be better stored in a lossless non-JPEG format if they will be re-edited in future, or if the presence of small 'artifacts' is unacceptable. It is however the best format for internet publishing in most cases.
Benefits Small file size, high popularity
Drawbacks Loss in quality
Metadata Handles XMP, EXIF or IPTC

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Olympus C5060WZ Olympus E-300 Olympus E-P5 Olympus FE4030,X950
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Olympus TG-1 Olympus TG-2 Olympus u10D,S300D,u300D Olympus VR340,D750
Olympus E-600 Olympus FE46,X41,X42 Olympus FE230/X790 Olympus
Olympus E-400 Olympus X400,D580Z,C460Z Olympus X-2,C-50Z Olympus SP570UZ
Olympus XZ-2 Olympus VG110,D700 Olympus FE190/X750 Olympus C2000Z
Olympus C8080WZ Olympus C760UZ Olympus VG145,VG140,D715 Olympus C2500L
Olympus C990Z,D490Z Olympus SP800UZ Olympus SZ-11 Olympus u790SW,S790SW
Olympus C180,D435 Olympus u-miniD,Stylus V Olympus u760,S760 Olympus C7070WZ
Olympus u1000/S1000 Olympus C765UZ Olympus u700,S700 Olympus X500,D590Z,C470Z
Olympus SP-820UZ Olympus X-3,C-60Z Olympus E-3 Olympus E-330
Olympus FE360,X875,C570 Olympus STYLUS1 Olympus SZ-10 Olympus X350,D575Z,C360Z
Olympus VG120,D705 Olympus C5050Z Olympus FE47,X43 Olympus TG-810
Olympus TG-610 Olympus SP550UZ Olympus E-10 Olympus VG150,D735
Olympus VG160,X990,D745 Olympus VR360,D760 Olympus E-30 Olympus C770UZ
Olympus E-P2 Olympus u810/S810 Olympus FE370,X880,C575 Olympus TG-820
Olympus u7040,S7040 Olympus u740,S740